Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Talk about the log syntax and HTTP status codes

Seo process in view IIS log is a very important thing, especially when the page changes made larger when the test through the log, you can find a lot of very interesting questions. Now check the log space functions are provided, while the log is normally stored in the root directory of the Web log, wwwlog, logfiles and other similar directory, unzip the file by downloading a similar can use Notepad to view the.

I intercepted the following piece of code analysis.

2010-07-24 02:20:57 W3SVC133 GET - 80 - Baiduspider + (+ ) 2,000,640

2010-07-24 02:20:57 spider's visit

Visit the IP address

W3SVC133 machine code

GET request method

/ Index.html request url

80 server port number Server IP

baiduspider Baidu Spider

2000640200 said the request was successful, and 64 means that Baidu does not crawl the page for the full read is completed, abandoned in the process of crawling, and is an error code, and the last data is 0, then crawl page size of bytes to 0.

200 064 status code of the form is: sc-status (an agreement state, 200 in this case a successful connection) sc-substatus (protocol sub-state) sc-win32-status (Win32 status code, 64 is the specified network name is not available

See the second Liezi:

2010-07-24 12:37:39 W3SVC133 GET - 80 - Mozilla/5.0 + (compatible; + Googlebot/2.1; + + http:// / bot.html) 200 0 0 6503

/ 501.html request url

compatible means compatible

Google Googlebot robot

200,006,503 successful request and download the 6503 bytes of data.

Generally, we just have to look Baidu and google spiders can, as other methods, not in the example of the. I have listed below under the common HTTP status codes:

1xx (Provisional response); 2xx (successful); 3xx (Redirected); 4xx (Request error); 5xx (server error);

200 - the server successfully returned the page

301 - permanent redirect resources

302 - Temporary redirect resources

304 - last GET, the page is changed

403 - the server has been requested, but not the implementation of

404 - Request error or request failed

505 - HTTP version not supported

Not too many more like HTTP status codes can be read, and other status code is less common, so do not mind, and when used in the search engine to find their next on it.

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