Thursday, August 19, 2010

Unexpected creative footwear Awards

Updated fast fashion circles, PRADA, LV, DIOR and some other luxury brands occupy the status of fashion circles boss, while the sudden emergence of a large number of new brands, celebrities have also involved in fashion circles. Therefore, to survive in the fashion circle, in addition to grasping the wind out fashion, it is to be unconventional, to novelty to attract the attention of the public.

This blue imitation Opel Aglia car high heels can be called creative, the car parts are ranging, highly imitative. With the design of high heels with thick, smooth lines, both artistic and practical, creative designers in both the shoes of comfort.

Compared to a car on the high heels, high heels this origami practicality becomes very low, but in having the creative rescue. Colorful shoes for the whole section arranged in triangular irregular, seemingly fragile actually very solid, but the words of comfort to wear a little poor.

This is a work of art, who would be willing to step on the floor wearing it. Heel designed lines, such as assembly line as beautiful, light green color as the color of the stems. Wearing white petals, if not very comfortable in the feet will have a spiritual enjoyment, I do not know whether this is the mass in the hands flower fairies wear shoes?

This is not bread? No, this is the latest popular bread slippers. Everything was as wonderful as the smart imitation, even above the sesame bread made fibers and wrinkles are brought to life, no wonder they admit. Also like to wear to stand above the bread-like soft and comfortable.

Honestly, at first glance not react the beginning of how to wear this shoe. Thin view, also reflected a number of human design, relying on two feet set into the "hole" to bring the weight of the shoe body, the two "hole" to the appropriate size, rounded to protect the feet from excessive wear, shoes center of gravity forward as far as possible, these have reduced the burden on foot.

Do not scream, and calm down, this is not a mouse, but imaginative shoes. Although there are four legs, but still a pair of flat shoes, furry shoes to wear into the skin should be very comfortable, but careful not to frighten children when shopping.

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