Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Use the opportunity to express themselves how to write a technical article

Have the opportunity to express their ideas to others, why not take advantage of it?

How written? Have the following bit of personal feeling.

1, confidence

In fact, not difficult to write an article, difficult to write a good article. But as long as the content of the expression of the expression you want to clear, the article also is not good or bad writing style so important, after all, not everyone is a writer, What is the thoroughly tempered the exercise pen out of it. So, think, write, finish and then changed like, do not be afraid of the pen is good or bad, have not the courage to write, not to mention Magic Pen students took.

2, see, think, talk, write four steps

(1) See, we do not have a lot of books back, but it is indispensable to read and look at the. See the works of senior pioneers to see other people's ideas, see other people's operations to see other people's voice of experience, compared Expo only, compared to a true knowledge. So, want to write stuff, to look at, lots of view, should we all agree.

(2) would like. To form the foundation of wisdom, would like to also think, to what seems to go over in my mind, thinking through their own washing, and finally come to your own ideas, pool the wisdom of light. Each other, in the process and form their own ideology. This is a digestion process.

(3) chat. The popularization of the discussion conversation, something all right, let's chat. The talk here is of course not talking about daily, but full of very lively spark discussion. Have friends coming from afar, like-minded together, through various channels to express their ideas with each other, send the real stuff, in the discussion, reflection, or fight a blush in a statement, without success and failure, Only the end of his thoughts, concise, get their final thoughts.

(4) to write. When the heart that occurs when a seed, we must seize the time, timely planting, watering fertilization. People are lazy in nature, if not timely and the idea of it down after a few hours or the next day would be less interested, and then dropped. A person's ideas or not unique, but a person certainly write something unique, that is original, like new yourself, maybe 10 minutes to 30 minutes, an article on writing your unexpected out.

To their confidence and see more and more thought, in conversation, writing, one day, their good will write an eloquent blog.

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