Monday, August 2, 2010

Discuss SEO And AdWords

Thanks to all thoughtful comments on online marketing in response to helped you is trial and error with AdWords and SEO post. As one commentator called Martin Griffin wrote: "Everyone has an opinion about AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, SEO." The dialogue was very exciting and - most important - also for other entrepreneurs.

Many of you came to the same conclusion about the cost-effectiveness of AdWords, and La Grande Dame. For example, the fan on Facebook MHF wrote that he was impressed by the products of Google. He was more effective than print advertising, but said that to beat ", the" big names "would have blown my advertising budget from the water." Bill said: "Google and Yahoo campaigns, a bad place, that the conversion of poor can perform faster."

Others, including Mr. Peña, have had good experiences with AdWords.

Some of you called La Grande Dame to further optimize your site. Suzanne Passavant said he would like the online retailer to find easier on the buyers find what they want and complete transactions. And some of you had questions for La Grande Dame. "How do you know that the company's revenue generated from Facebook and Twitter?" Eric Bryant asked. Bob Rodriguez was asked how La Grande Dame knows how many of their emails have been opened.

Finally, a few of you asked him to see with the online retailer Next, how the new business strategies. I think this is a great idea. remain so for updates by Catherine Wood Hill, Executive Director tuned, while the improvement of the online marketing strategy, La Grande Dame.

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