Monday, August 2, 2010

For Business Talk About How You think?

I have a question several times and my answer is always act of courtesy, "OK!" I hate to bore people with details of my problems, but I have been asked to give a fuller answer to my reader, so that goes here.

How's business? Do not ask me know that is to say not much. When I think of my business, I see it as a collection of different functions that must all work together. In no particular order are: marketing, sales, production, cash flow, information technology, human resources, and the boss. In the coming days I will try them all.

So, what is marketing?

better use of marketing + y = yoy yoy. Since the beginning of the year, our current research has been more than it can an average of 9 or 10 calls a week heavy grip. I usually make a complete proposal for days in the midst of interruptions, and these often need a series of tests before the end of the business. Some days I can write two or three simple suggestions. Between 1 January and 30 June I wrote 157 opinions and proposals - compared with 69 last year - and I left at least one third of our investigations unanswered.

I answered all the questions I received in January and February (12-14 hours of work per day, and give me a bad case of carpal tunnel). Accordingly, in March sales were the best so far this year more than $ 213,000. But I could not physically hold that pace and began to let go, without the submission of a research project. After a meeting with the client, I make a call to decide whether to work or not concentrate. Size of the work is the first thing I think is most likely after that, actually, you can close a deal. Some agencies have procurement procedures very difficult, some are not. After all these years, I have a sense of the potential for success. But it is heavy, the focus on research, as more come to think of always.

The solution is to get to another provider. And just last week I moved my office furniture manufacturer to come to me and began to teach him to write proposals. This is the same who had the idea of our sampling system and I have long ago is that in a position more than fine craftsmanship known. He has already completed two proposals and is a great feeling to know that I am to have competent help.

For those who ask whether the recovery is really happening to you, our current research to examine something. We sell a product, conference tables have to many people. Before the fall of 2008 that while the work of the major banks, investment firms, technology companies, accountants, lawyers, military, hospitals, and a gift bag with smaller companies. After the accident was all but the accountants and lawyers, health care and the military. In the spring of this year at the university again began to shout, and began to listen to domestic producers of things like auto parts, electronics and household goods. The activities of the military and defense expenditures contractors. Hospitals, accountants and lawyers still strong. Interesting personal injury lawyers and litigants appear more business fails, as we saw in 2009. This recovery seems real to me.

My story told in this blog has no appreciable effect on the investigation had. I got a big jump in on-site visits, my messages first appeared, but the rate of research has been steadfast, and none of my clients mentioned in the blog as a source for your interest in our products. A customer in New York report that they read in accordance with the order - probably was the customer looking for on Google to ensure it was genuine. This is not the first time they have appeared in the press. The other cases were once the articles in various publications of Philadelphia, and no Business Conduct, either.

It is my personal opinion that public relations is not the best place to spend increasingly scarce marketing dollars, at least for the producers. I am a big fan of AdWords, which we use to generate visitors to our site. It is a good fit for our product. I'm sure there are cases in which to increase PR works in sales, but not for me.

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