Monday, August 2, 2010

10 things to consider before its next meeting

In some cultures, in the office, the convening of the meetings will be the default action when there is no need for any kind of discussion. Before getting on his colleagues to a meeting, you should think a little time to reflect on this, get what you want. Ask yourself if a meeting is the best way to get the desired results. If you decide to go ahead and call the meeting, take a few minutes to plan. A meeting is more than just some people in a room, talking.

If you take the time to be strategic about the meetings can be very effective. Whether your office meeting or meetings of the lists is tired of her colleagues, their superiors, we appreciate your efforts.

1st What is my objective for the meeting?
Do you want to achieve a group consensus, to feel the shape of a plan that provides information about a project or would like more information? It is important to have a desired result for a meeting, because this will decide who to charge and how to structure the program.

2nd What type of meeting is what I have?
The word event is a term often used for meetings of various kinds. Sometimes a meeting is really a brainstorming session, sometimes it's a review. Since the call of the conference, the tone is on. If you want to decide what kind of meetings to move up, which can determine the direction at the beginning and keep all on the line.

3rd Do we really need a meeting?
He has set itself the objective of the meeting, you must decide whether you really need. Are you just going to share information, could spread in an e-mail, or need to interact with other members of your team?

4th What happened the last time this group met?
At times, organizations find that they are in a routine meeting. When you meet with this group of questions, whether it is worth the time and trouble to leave, you probably want to do something different. Think of the last meeting on this issue or project. What draws participants? What everyone is excited? Try to avoid the first and the emphasis on the latter.

5th Is there someone I have to do separately, prior to the meeting?
A meeting is not the time to raise complaints or personal call. Also, the creation of convincing someone to see things your way. Do not be afraid to allow a colleague before the meeting the way for a meeting with the group without speaking problems.

6th When is the best time for the meeting?
You know your office culture and programming guidelines. When a certain time of day is full, not add to the collection of traffic data. It is not always easy at a time, as it is updated, find, but best of you, because really the time of day can affect a product session.

7th When should the agenda be made public?
If you expect the audience to participate in a certain degree of preparation before the meeting, you must send an agenda in advance. However, there are situations in which they receive an agenda in the run was a distraction or throw some people to panic, to be in these cases, wait.

If you are on the agenda of the session, to do the best that the momentum be maintained.
It is typical to offer a program and then begin to speak. Unfortunately, people are often too busy, reading the agenda for the attention. There is nothing to go wrong introductory remarks first. You can then enter the program and to look over every few minutes.

8th "This meeting goes better with food?
If the matter is the debate not by food or if you think influenced help to break the ice, by all means, including his meeting. Just be sure to eat enough time and quote. Meeting to food is not always appreciate a full meal or snack people.

9th Where is the best place to hold this meeting?
You have heard that old adage: location, location, location. A room that is too small, on the other side of the building of public unrest. An area that can too big and uncomfortable to be an echo in a different way. Search for the area based on the right side, which can comfortably accommodate everyone, one is that the equipment you need, and that is has minimal distractions.

10th Am I prepared to lead and to listen to?
There is nothing worse than a meeting at which the person is not prepared to discuss the issue in question is called. But at the same time, if you call a meeting, you must be open to input from others. So not prepared a speech, rather than pay information with armed and prepared.

In our hectic world of work, the temptation of a meeting and let things take their course. Speedy installation meeting will save time at first, but if a project or initiative suffers from poor planning, no one looks good. The time and effort needed to organize a productive meeting is well organized and worthwhile.

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