Friday, August 6, 2010

Mastermind Groups,liks living in groups

Now you can ask, "Where is the link, how to control groups of chimpanzees and spirit, perhaps related to one another? What influenced you? Before trying to answer the question, but let me share with you a little story about the nature of the behavior of chimpanzees.

In a study on the island chimpanzee sanctuary in Uganda Ngamba chimpanzees were required to the two ends of a rope pulling a tray of food to go for it. had both ends of the rope to collect or just once pulled the rope. It was noted that only a fellow chimps in the room (by opening the door) when the rope ends were too far apart to draw on their own. In addition, an interesting fact is noted that to draw in the second round of experiments, chimpanzees unanimously selected more effective partner on the rope.

Tell us what this study of chimpanzees? He tells us that chimpanzees are intelligent animals. You realize, if I need help to help them achieve their goals (this is the type food), and the fact they had to leave at the request of such support. They understood why and how they needed his companions and began to seek partners for this purpose. Therefore, we conclude that the chimpanzees knew their role, their partners and therefore the choice of those who wanted to work.

The last feature is the most powerful of all, and that's what we want to emphasize today. In the first round of the experiment, chimpanzees and found that the weaker partner and dismissed. Therefore, in the second round, that chimpanzees were not re-elected. In contrast, chimpanzees, choose the most effective tool to achieve their goals. The basic concept used to describe all the support. "It is the most powerful early lead, and that is what we want to emphasize here.

Collaboration is a business strategy to build more powerful, but often overlooked or underestimated. Without them, we can hope to survive in the hectic world of business. It is the means which would achieve the success that usually win in a win. To implement the power of being the brains of your company succeed, it must be such as chimpanzees, that is, how to cooperate with others to meet their needs and how to make a good partner for people, you be the next time.

To help you Master the skills of cooperation, you must know its purpose, its end point where you want your business within a specified period, then go work on it. Without trying, success is usually not in sight. Once you establish your goal, it is necessary to recognize and select the person whose experience offers the best for them. As indicated in the study of chimpanzees, it is important that the right person, if not find all the efforts in vain.

First steps to this point then? Well, it should be possible to muster the courage and demand. Do not let your ego take over and ask above all, no fear. You never know what will be the result if you really allow the other party to learn of his intention. Speak up Give your ideas with clarity and purpose. Tell that person exactly what you need and why you think he / she is able to bridge the gap and the last piece of the puzzle. Be polite and not too pregnant. The other party has the right to refuse. In this case, I thank them for their time and continue your search. Let us not be discouraged. However, if that person happens, the 1-1 combination of potentially important research that you and your company could also serve in the years to come, be!

So I hope that the relationship between chimpanzees and Mind Control groups really give you an idea of the power of collaboration and use it in business through the power of mastermind to more success!

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