Monday, August 16, 2010

Valentines Day 2010, so that night he lost in your kiss

A kiss is kind of a delicate and wonderful experience, so many sex couples are to kiss. Today, we come to understand the techniques of kissing under the 2010 Valentines Day that night so that he lost in your kiss inside.

Foreplay: kiss flirt with

The same as runners need to warm up, you also need to enter the status of men enjoy the same warm-up techniques before. You can not start to take drastic action, so excited that he will fast the contrary, to lead him gently, slowly awakening to his demand, the slower the process of foreplay, and finally the more intense pleasure.

First mouth kiss his face, every place, in addition to his lips. When he began to feel excited, with the tongue sliding along his lips, he would want to force your mouth open your mouth, but you can not allow him to do so ...... still does not work. Then, two mouths are open, but can not pull the tongue. If he tried to tongue kiss, pushing his 1 minute, then back to kiss him. Focus on everything, like to play games like, not let him get what they want, and gradually brought him into focus. Finally, as the game-like side of the light absorption side of his mouth to bite his lower lip, repeatedly. Because it feels good, he will automatically respond to your actions.

Kissing is often seen as only a means, so many sex couples are beginning to kiss, once the situation has begun to warm, it was kicked aside. "Some people think that sex itself Gouci Ji, so kissing is not important." (Ultimate Compatibility Quiz Krista Bloom, PhD)

But this idea is really a pity, because in the sex lips close together so that the process (not just the first opera stage use) can soar to the seventh heaven pleasure outside the relative. "His lips many nerve cells can stimulate the desire to" Bloom said: "sexual intercourse before, during and after the kiss lips, can be very attractive and the activities of people to meet." However, not casually kissing is good, the secret is to know the sex of them at every stage of how to play with each other a lot of explaining. Ke dream for you to do homework in advance to help you plan a series of steps, so you can reach paradise kiss paradise.

Midfielder: gradually into the explosion point

Once the fever, a shy kiss is not enough, when is the formal entry into the French kiss the right time. "Passionate kiss makes blood pressure, heart rate, so you get excited, but also easy to get climax." Professional sexologist Eva Kay Road (Ava Cadell, PhD) said. The following is deeply moved by the desires of the method.

To change the strength and depth of a kiss. Give him a far-reaching than a few minutes kissing, and then open your lips, pressing on his mouth ─ ─ want to push as hard, as he ate, like, surprised him. Then deep, tongue kiss back. So back and forth several times, so that he could not guess your next move, which would allow him more excited. Several transformation action, try to tease more and more, let him understand that your body desires that have been burning. Repeat period of time Open your mouth, your tongue around the turn of his tongue, the same as in licking ice cream. He will love you when to dominate and control his mouth like you.

Forward orgasm: unleash your inner beast

When you want to climax, to the warm body to surrender, followed by the needs of the body enjoy wild. "The height of the mouth to mouth kissing can lead to more powerful stronger pleasure, because it is a physical reaction, you taste, smell, tactile sensation all into one," Bloom said: "It's like your senses overloaded state has entered "When high tide came about, gently sucking on his neck, your lips touch his skin will make the body feel the pressure to enlarge, more eager to come to Paradise.

Gently bite his back, shoulder or other similar slapstick in parts, let him know how much you desire him, this time with the teeth to that piece of skin, the gently pull the tongue is rolling something there, and then kiss you.

After the game: slow deceleration

Although you want to continue to heat burn, but your man at this time may have a burnout. "When done, the chemical substances to stimulate the sleeping man will enter into the body, so you both physically and mentally, he now would prefer to sleep instead of kissing." Bloom said. But there are ways to get him over the period you want to accompany you for a moment. If he had run out of strength but you are still addicted to subsequent intimacy, it offer complete head to toe to kiss him.

First kiss planted on his face, shoulders, back, anywhere ─ ─ trip was meant to show your gentle love, and not let him feel pressure to respond to you. He rolled over and kissed his neck, while at the same time deeply moved by his hair. This position allows you to get after the gentle Simo, and help him relax.

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