Thursday, August 5, 2010

let me see the latter half of the year fashion for autumn of 2010

For the numbers, it's never too early to predict the trend for next season. Now, steps closer to fall, it is time to update the wardrobe a bit, especially for our girls. So what is the hottest trend this fall, and how many kinds of elements are important for placing this fall dress?

For the past autumn are warm colors and clothing of choice for us, but this year, you need some changes. As we all know, mix and match the trend has become so popular, especially in 2009, is the combination of wind based on a variety of styles on this premise and features will become more and more traditional Subversion. Therefore, you will notice, there will be a mixture of warm (orange, red and yellow) and cool colors (purple, blue and green). And the classic black color, which made the big stage will be filled unbeatable again this season decent and fresh.

In view of the essential elements for this fall, here are some important elements that should not miss. This is called a pair of boots over the knee-high boots or by some people. With this pair of boots, do not have to worry about getting on his knees a cold, if the use of short trousers. On the other hand, makes you look more sexy. The only thing that requires attention, the style is all that can be sweet or sweet. The neutral or punk style is appropriate.

Another important element is the military fashion clothes. No wonder the military is the mainstream trend in this year until next year. In memory of our Pop MJ King for ever, a lot of stylish fancy clothes, rock, and were quickly into the world of fashion. Either gold or sharp edge detail is so chic that the other takes off. In addition, the Army blue, red and black never go out of date.

In addition, the material is broken. Never mind the fishnet stockings torn or ripped jeans and torn jeans gives each piece in the style of the street all the break too hard "." However, seemed to "junk" is not easy to agree when in a bad position, well, you have to wait only until the second "become Lady Gaga" with the grunge of truth, but if the placement, lead Brand new seasonal trend in the neo-grunge chic. Well, if you're so bad at the game, are the best way is to follow Taylor Momsen or Kate Moss, who has played this trend, so well and with style.

Anyway, it all depends on you. Fashion is not constant, which can be produced worldwide. A master of the basic principles of co-location and the most important trend this year, I think you can develop your own style. For the fashion novice, to seek my advice, some Web sites and blogs fashion happen if you are the fan of MJ is, I think, Ed Hardy, which is one of the most popular brands of MJ, you can even lend a hand and Apparel even under the leadership of Ed

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