Friday, August 13, 2010

Careful, stylish and comfortable sandals will harm your health

Hot, fashionable men and women quickly wear sandals, cool, comfortable, and stylish, is everyone's summer essential goods. But, you know, it seems very comfortable to wear sandals will harm the feet Health, can not long wear.

1 sponge texture of sole, can not give our feet arch support.

Sandals soles may seem very soft and comfortable, but most of shoe design is completely flat and very thin, your feet will eventually over to the settlement.

Normal feet have some curvature, which can help us cushion the shock when walking, wearing sandals walking shoes as there is no contact with the ground, can not meet the foot arc, it can not give enough supporting foot. This may cause your heels, arches and toes pain.

2 sandals will make your muscles and tendons overwhelmed.

Sandals shoes did not complete the design, only two thin tape, or only a V-shaped belt astride your toes, the foot in walking Shi You can not give enough support to bring slippers to rely on the strength of the toes "Folder" from the two tapes that.

When you walk, you finally lift the toes, so that the muscles and tendons to complete all the work. In order to more firmly inside out shoes, the toes will be a long time unconsciously tighten and twist was like to "grab" sole, this distortion of the state continued for a long time, will lead to toe tendon under the strain, and even nerve inflammation .

3, sandals make the Achilles tendon strain, or even blackmailed injured.

If you get used to wearing high heels, sandals may make calf muscles over the final stretch. Who blackmailed usually short and thick, not easy to hurt, but the soles of the feet before the third part of a row of more slender toe, and not as "strong."

Sandals toe the role of the lack of protection, greatly increased the arch and around the ligament tissue pressure, in addition to inflammation, the serious stress fractures can lead to toe.

4, the word does not drag on the ankle support.

In the summer, because people's favorite sandals, a sprained ankle has become very popular. Bodi sandals and wearing when the body center of gravity will unconsciously lean forward, greatly increased the pressure on the ankle, calf muscle sprain and easily lead to plantar fasciitis, over time, between the ankle and the knee bone's cartilage will be degraded, leading to the emergence of bone hyperplasia or bone spurs.

5, they will harden and cause skin chapped heels.

Shoes on the feet keep tapping the back, make your skin hardens, because your feet exposed to the air, the skin will become dry. If it becomes too dry, hard, dry skin will crack, bleed, it must be very painful.

6, the word will result in delay hip and lower back pain.

In a time when wearing sandals, you often do not consciously change your gait, frequency variable speed, smaller steps, such as walking is very easy to cause pain in other parts of the body.

Sandals wear very Genjiao, so shoes with feet in order to avoid the embarrassment of flying out, we often deliberately reduced the pace, and the ankle inward tilt to "bus" housing shoes, and body center of gravity forward, knees naturally bent, the spine will follow the bending waist, over time, the pace not only let you into a childish "in character", knees and spine are pain or even sciatica problems.

7, sandals for the feet more vulnerable to injury.

People walking in the gravel road, muddy road, the word delay is also unable to provide a little protection. Recall that you wear sandals in time, is not more than a lot of cuts, stab wounds and bruises.

A buckle sandals, a more healthy choices, not only do not need to bend your toes to pull the shoe tight to keep the shoes will not fly off, but also to provide better protection of the ankle and heel

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